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Arrowpoint Capital Drivers

These drivers define our company's top priorities. As John Tighe emphasized, "Everything we do at Arrowpoint Capital – both as a company and as individuals – should be linked to at least one of our key drivers."

Investment Management – optimize asset type and maturity mix such that all expected liability outflows are funded with expected investment asset inflows.

Claims Management – meet policyholder obligations and provide stewardship over corporate assets.

Reinsurance Recoverables – effectively manage the reinsurance recoverable assets to optimize cash inflow.

Legal – provide proper management and resolution of claim, corporate litigation and regulatory risks.

Expense Management – continually ensure that our expense base is commensurate with the work needed to be done.

Operational Effectiveness – maintain the processes, systems, cybersecurity, vendor management and collaboration to support a solvent run-off.

In addition to six critical drivers, focus on people, governance, risk management and controls.