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Legal Support Services

Litigation management plans are effective tools for controlling costs and driving claims resolution strategies.

A key driver to these plans is the identification of primary counsel firms who are motivated and whose goals align with your claims management practices.  The ability of counsel to efficiently and appropriately bring files to conclusion is essential to our approach.

Under our litigation management plan, the strategy and budget are developed through collaboration between the file handler and counsel.  Arrowpoint has a demonstrated strategic and ultimate financial success with selecting counsel, negotiating fee structures, designing alternatives to the hourly fee, and reporting on critical events that affect the file.

We also have a team of dedicated legal bill reviewers who can examine legal bills manually or through our automated tool.  Our tool allows for claims adjuster input into the review process prior to taking adjustments on legal bills.

Arrowpoint claim handlers work diligently with counsel and with you to ensure each litigated matter has a litigation management plan, strategy and budget by phase of litigation.