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Arrowpoint Claim Executives to Speak at 2014 CLM Medical Legal Summmit

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Arrowpoint Claim Executives to Speak at 2014 CLM Medical Legal Summmit

Four claim executives from Arrowpoint Capital are speaking at the first Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM) Medical Legal Summit in Orlando, FL, in January.  The CLM Summit addresses a wide range of medical legal topics to educate and assist claims professionals and attorneys in the complexities of managing claims and litigation involving these topics.  The summit provides current practical knowledge, tools and techniques for participants to use in their day-to-day claims work and litigation practice.

Arrowpoint Capital participants and their topics are:

· Julie Fortune, Senior Vice President and Chief Claims Officer: “Medical Director Panel.”

· Robert Baer, Claims Executive: “Complex Medical Litigation: Hepatitis C, RICO Action and Off-Label Drug Use.”  Bob is also coordinating the summit’s opening movie night, at which retired DEA Agent Rick Tucker will present clips from award-winning films Oxyana and Behind the Orange Curtain, as well as introducing keynote speaker Dr. Andrew Kolodny, Chief Medical Officer for Phoenix House, the nation’s leading nonprofit provider of substance abuse and treatment and prevention services.

· Ronald A. Mazariegos, Claims Executive: “Return to Work/Claim Resolution.”

· Tina Zink Pernie, Claims Manager, Litigation and Vendor Management: “The Future of Medical Insurance and Delivery,” and “New Prosthetics and Treatment for Amputees.”

Julie Fortune is also featured in the most recent edition of Claims Management magazine as an organizer of the summit.  She describes how the CLM is building on the medical legal summits held by Arrowpoint over the past three years as the basis for its groundbreaking industrywide event.

The CLM summit will be held Jan. 21-23, 2014, at the Sheraton Orlando Downtown Hotel.  To learn more about the event and to register online, visit and click on “Events.”

About the CLM

The Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM) promotes and furthers the highest standards of claims and litigation management and brings together the thought leaders in both industries. CLM’s Members and Fellows include risk and litigation managers, insurance and claims professionals, corporate counsel, outside counsel and third party vendors. The CLM sponsors educational programs, provides resources and fosters communication among all in the industry. To learn more about the CLM, please visit

About Arrowpoint Capital

Formed in 2006, Arrowpoint Capital provides expertise in claims administration and auditing, investment management, litigation management, business repositioning and run-off operations.  The company continues to build on its experience in run-off insurance operations to manage claims and satisfy policyholder obligations.