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Arrowpoint Capital Claims Staff Lead Industry Conference Sessions

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Arrowpoint Capital Claims Staff Lead Industry Conference Sessions

Arrowpoint Capital Claims staff were front and center in the insurance industry in March, speaking at conferences and sharing their knowledge about issues that didn’t face insurance and legal professionals a decade or so ago: the impact of social media on municipal liability claims; the effects of medical marijuana on insurance coverage; and the impact of medical management tools and techniques on Medical Set-Aside allocations.

“Our Claims team members are viewed as experts in many of the new issues facing the industry today,” said Arrowpoint Capital Chief Claims Officer Julie Fortune. “I’m pleased that we can share what we’ve learned with others in the profession. Additionally, taking part in these conferences provides us with the opportunity to glean information and strategies from others that we can apply to our work at Arrowpoint.”

CLM Annual Meeting

The CLM (Claims & Litigation Management Alliance) is the largest professional association in the insurance industry, with a membership of more than 35,000 professionals working in claims resolution and litigation management. Its annual conference attracts 2,000 participants and features 90 roundtable sessions during the three-day event. Claims Executive Ron Mazariegos and Claims Specialist Consuela Wilkes each led a roundtable this year.

Ron’s panel discussion was entitled “Caught on Video – Employers, Municipalities and Trial by Social Media.” The panel leaders looked at the impact social media is having on the US legal environment – especially for municipal employers such as police departments – as more and more lawsuits involving law enforcement and social justice movements are being tried in the court of public opinion. The session also explored how social media can influence the views of jurors. Ron’s co-presenters included representatives from two law firms, OneBeacon Insurance Group and the Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority.

Consuela’s session focused on “How High? Insurance and Medical Marijuana in 2017.” After an overview of the history of marijuana-related legislation, the presenters detailed the effects that legalized marijuana is having on various lines of insurance coverage and compared such coverage with that of other controlled substances, such as alcohol and tobacco. Presenting with Consuela were an Assurance America representative and an attorney.

ISO Claims Partners Advisory Council

ISO Claims Partners has worked with Arrowpoint for eight years, providing Medicare compliance and claims resolution services, specifically in the area of Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs)* and Medicare compliance.

The firm holds an Advisory Council event each year, to which it invites all of its major clients to spend a day discussing relevant topics in the Medicare arena. About 50 attendees participate annually.

At this year’s event, Claims Executives Bob Baer and Ron Mazariegos helped lead a panel on “Cost Mitigation Strategies for MSAs.”  Their co-presenters were representatives of Allianz, Nationwide and Babb Absence Management Services (BAMS).